Charger digibuddy 5401 for Li-Ion batteries


The digibuddy 5401 tells you, how powerful your batteries are! On its display you can read off the amount of mAh that has been charged into your battery.

Interchangeable adaptors und USB-socket

Because of interchangeable adaptors digibuddy 5401 suited for more than 150 battery types. With its USB socket you can charge more devices like your mobile phone.

digibuddy 5401 is the only charger you need!

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Battery packs for digital cameras and camcorder

Powerful - Reliable - Safe

digibuddy batteries for digital cameras and camcorder provide the necessary energy for your shots. Manufactured under latest production standards digibuddy batteries that meet all demands for the daily usage.

More than 40 different types

Currently the assortment includes more than 40 different battery types for cameras of various brands.

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Batteries for DECT phones

More endurance for your communication

digibuddy batteries for DECT phones are strong power suppliers for your cordless phone.

Reliable - Durable - Safe

Because of the built-in Li-Ion or NiMH cells digibuddy batteries reliably run for a long period of time - without any memory effect.

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digibuddy batteries are small power packs. They supply your device with the needed energy! Premium cells and construction elements make digibuddy batteries to high-performance companions.
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The charger digibuddy 5401 not only reveals how powerful your batteries are. It can charge more than 150 different battery types, and due to its USB socket it charges your other devices as well - worldwide.
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Your digibuddy product is built to serve you well for a long time. Hence digibuddy stands for highest product quality standards with a excellent price-performance ratio.
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